Granny's Sample Menus

Mother’s Day Luncheon

Chicken Salad on Lettuce
Asparagus Supreme
Frozen Strawberry Salad
Crescent Rolls
Lemon Angel Squares 
Iced Tea

Memorial Day

Barbecued Chicken (Oven or Grilled)
Super Baked Beans
Crunchy Slaw
Glazed Fruit Salad 
Corn Muffins or French Bread
Assorted Tarts
Iced Tea

Father’s Day Dinner

Country Style Steak or Chicken Fried Steak
Creamy Stuffed Potatoes
Golden Carrots
Layered Vegetable Salad
Buttermilk Biscuits
Nutty Chocolate Chip Pie
Iced Tea

Fourth of July Picnic

Fried Chicken
Potato Salad in Tomato Cups
Overnight Vegetable Salad or Bean Salad
Red-White and Blueberry Salad
Cheese Cobblestone Bread
Homemade Ice Cream
Chocolate Cake or Brownies
Fruit Tea

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From a Kitchen in Bedford, VA

"Your recipes have brought many warm smiles to my table.  Everybody always asks me for my "secrets" to my cooking.....and I always respond by syaing it starts with a menu/plan and great recipes!  Your cookbook(s) have both; I have especially enjoyed your menu selection and personal comments throughout your book.  Thank you for the generous amount of time and energy you have given to share your "secrets" with so many families.  I have become a better cook/planner of meals because of your talents in sharing your knowledge and skills." More Seals of Approval

Granny's Wise Words

  1. Give for the joy of giving.  If you only give to get---you are not giving, you are trading.

  2. Protect muffin tins by filling the unused cups with water to prevent scorching.

  3. To ensure uniformly sized muffins (or cupcakes), use an ice cream scoop to transfer batter from mixing bowl to muffin tins.

  4. Do not store crisp and soft cookies together.  Store soft cookies n tightly covered containers---crisp cookies in loosley-covered containers.

  5. Need a dessert in a hurry---warm a donut; split and fill with ice cream.  Top with Carmel Sauce (p. 397 of Granny's Kitchen.)