Seals of Approval

"My family and I have enjoyed every recipe we've tried in Granny's cookbook, good and easy!"
From a kitchen in Colonial Heights, VA

"I have really enjoyed this cookbook, and use it often.  A must have!"
From a kitchen in Dublin, VA

"I really enjoy Granny's cookbooks, they also make great wedding and shower gifts"
From a kitchen in Radford, VA

"Your recipes have brought many warm smiles to my table.  Everybody always asks me for my "secrets" to my cooking.....and I always respond by syaing it starts with a menu/plan and great recipes!  Your cookbook(s) have both; I have especially enjoyed your menu selection and personal comments throughout your book.  Thank you for the generous amount of time and energy you have given to share your "secrets" with so many families.  I have become a better cook/planner of meals because of your talents in sharing your knowledge and skills."
From a kitchen in Bedford, VA

"Your cookbooks are such a treasure.  My whole family loves the simple, easy to prepare recipes.  I have many cookbooks, but I always come back to "Granny's".  The recipes are simple and always yield great results.  I also love the notes that you have included and feel like I know Ruthola, etc.  It is kind of like the "Andy Griffith" of cookbooks.
From a kithen in Glade Spring, VA

"My mother loves her cookbooks.  She told me that she is reading them just like a book.  Thanks so much for the history of "Granny's" cookbooks."
From a kitchen in VA

"Recently I visited a friend who had a copy of the "Granny's Kitchen" cookbook.  I had to have one and want to purchase the book for myself and my friends."
From a kitchen in Hudson, FL

"I just had to let you know how I enjoy your cookbooks!  I love to cook.  I just tried your Favorite Meatloaf recipe and it's the best I've ever tasted!  The Bacon-Stuffed Mushrooms are just what you said they are- they "vanish" in minutes!  I am doing a brunch for company tomorrow and I'm trying the French Breakfast Puffs for the first time!  I read your cookbooks like they are a novel!  Thank you."
From a kitchen in Wytheville, VA

"I'd like to say thank you for a wonderful cookbook.  My mother gave me both of your books years ago and I treasure them (so does my family!!!)  I'm passing them on to both of my duaghters and my mother-in-law, as they have copied so many recipes.  I think they could use their own!"
From a kitchen in New Castle, DE

"Thank you so much for sending me the cookbooks.  They always make great gifts.  I am constantly using my "Granny" cookbooks and have made many delicious meals from them."
From a kitchen in Hurricane, WV

"To me, you are a star!  Just like a star on television.  I am one of your biggest fans.  Thank you for these cookbooks."
From a kitchen in Bulan, KY

"My daughter is moving into an apartment and needs her own copies of your cookbooks!  They are a must in every kitchen"
From a kitchen in VA

"I grew up enjoying recipes from the first edition in my Grandmother's kitchen, and now use it in my own kitchen.  Many of our "family favorites" come from your cookbook.  In 27 years I've never had a Thanksgiving without "Aunt Clara's Corn Pudding"!  Because your cookbook is beloved in my home, I'm looking forward to sharing it with a dear friend at Christmas.  Thank you for all of the work you have put into "Granny's Kitchen", it has brought my family together around the dinner table for many special occasions!"
From a kitchen in Wake Forest, NC

"Thank you for this wonderful book.  We have made a lot of friends and family happy with your recipes."
From a kitchen in Abingdon, VA

"Thanks for helping me out.  I love your cookbook and have used it for 24+ years!  Everyone always wants the recipes, and I pass my book along....which is why I don't have one now!'
From a kitchen in San Antonio, TX

'Thank you so much for all the wonderful recipes.  We are a close family and our gatherings always consist of food- a lot of which come from your book.  Whenever I ask my mother for a recipe her usual response is 'It's in Granny's".  We have greatly enjoyed it and would love to pass it on."
From a kitchen in Morgantown, WV


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Menu Ideas

Happy Easter Dinner

  • Baked Ham with Pineapple-Raisin Sauce
  • Sweet Potato Puffs
  • Green Beans Delicious
  • Frilly Deviled Eggs Pickles
  • Dreamy Apricot Salad
  • Angel Biscuits
  • Creamy Coconut Cake
  • Iced Tea & Coffee

Mother’s Day Luncheon

  • Chicken Salad on Lettuce
  • Asparagus Supreme
  • Frozen Strawberry Salad
  • Crescent Rolls
  • Lemon Angel Squares
  • Iced Tea
  • Coffee

Mother's Lifetime Recipe

2 heaping cups of patience
1 heartful of love
2 handfuls of generosity
Dash of laughter
1 headful of understanding

Add plenty of faith and mix well. Sprinkle generously with kindness. And serve everybody you meet. Spread over a period of a lifetime.